Watch the SPID Webinar video! "Heel Pressure Injuries: Combating Achilles' Legacy"

By Rachael Lim, April 19 2017

ArjoHuntleigh partnered with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and Wounds Australia hosted a webinar to support Stop Pressure Injury Day 2016, 17 November. 


The webinar was presented by Dr. Keryln Carville, RN, PhD, STN (Cred), Professor Primary Health Care & Community Nursing, Silver Chain Group and Curtin University, Western Australia.

The webinar presentation focused on:

  • Overview of the International Guideline re management & treatment of pressure injuries.
  • Focus on pressure injuries on patients’ heels.
  • How to recognise, stage, prevent and treat.
  • Influence of microclimate on pressure injuries.
  • An update into the Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance (Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore) and the work to commence in 2017 on the next edition of the joint NPUAP, EPUAP and PPPIA International Pressure Injury/Ulcer Guideline which is due to be published in 2019.

A copy of the webinar recording is now available here 


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